TV Shows I Watch

It seems logical to go through the week, soooooo.

Mondays lately I watch Scorpion and NCIS LA.    Even though I have always liked NCIS LA I am getting tired of it with the characters always bickering like a couple old ladies all the time.   As for scorpion I kind of like the quirky personalities they have given Happy and Toby.   Enough said.

Tuesdays I watch NCIS and NCIS New Orleans.   I am saddened at the departure of Tony DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) – to me he was the show almost as much as Gibbs.  Tony can go from class clown to deadly serious in a heartbeat.    As far as New Orleans I think they are going so far into the character interaction thing and the ending scenes in the bar that it takes away from the actually crime aspect – I watch it but whether I continue to watch it is up in the air.

Wednesdays the only show I really look forward to is Criminal Minds.   It has stayed true to it’s purpose and although it has changed cast members a few times I still consider it my favorite show

On Thursday night I used to watch Elementary but they seem to have moved it to Sunday night which is a bad sign as I have noticed that shows they move to Sunday are soon cancelled.    I like this show a lot and the only drawback is that the main character sometimes talks to fast I have no idea what he is saying.

There are a couple cable shows I like a lot and try not to miss them.   The first one is The Artful Detective  or on another cable channel they call it Murdoch Mysteries.     Good old fashioned detective work and even though it is set in the 1890s it alludes to things happening in todays world. Excellent show. 

The next show is Death In Paradise.   Set on an island called San Marie.   Great blend of characters and I truly enjoy all of them.

Although there are a number of sitcoms I like and enjoy – I am not really concerned if I miss them.   The top ones that I find consistently funny are 1. Big Bang Theory, 2. Black (ish), 3. Fresh Off The Boat, 4. Last Man Standing, 5. The Middle.     We watch more of them but these are the top ones that I like. 

Poem by James Kavanaugh

I’m Gonna Sit Here

I’m gonna sit here
     Till passion returns
      And tells me where to go.
I don’t care if it’s Heaven
     or hell or home,
I don’t care if it’s work
     or play or sex,
I don’t care if it’s rich
     or poor or madness
I don’t even care
     if it’s riding a white horse naked on a
Or lining up as we did as kids
     for a pissing contest in the old
I’m not going anywhere
      —– even to death —–
Until I can go passionately.  

School play depicts rape, filthy language and public urination

Todd Starnes     By Todd Starnes     Published May 11, 2016

Carnegie Vanguard High School’s one act play had a little something for everyone: depictions of male-on-male rape, male-on-female rape, filthy language, on-stage urination, and an actress who simulated wiping her private parts at center stage.

Oh yes, there was also a scene where a male cast member turned his back to the audience and dropped his pants, as fellow cast members deliver dialogue about the size of his appendage.

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The Houston high school’s racy production of “Holy Day” has generated great angst among the good church-going people of the Lone Star State.

“Hello Dolly” it is not.

A Houston Chronicle columnist described the show as “psychologically intense, an exploration of subjects such as violence, sex and race.”

Carnegie’s eyebrow-raising show recently advanced in the Texas One-Act Play Contest – leading to a number of complaints – mostly from the parents of teen actors at competing schools.

“I was completely flabbergasted at the content,” one parent who saw the production told me.

One enraged father who attended the April 23 Region III-6A play competition filed a formal complaint with the Houston Independent School District.

“I was deeply offended by the obscene and inappropriate content,” the parent wrote – demanding the school be disqualified from the competition.

I spoke at length with the father, a former public school educator for 18 years. He asked that I not disclose his name – fearing it might cause trouble for his children.

His son was also competing in the one-act play competition – representing a different school. He said many people were shocked by what they saw during Carnegie’s performance.

“People were disgusted and there was complete shock at what they had just seen,” he told me. “Elementary-aged children were exposed to this show.”

The parent told me he confronted Carnegie’s principal immediately after the performance – but his concerns were dismissed.

“At first, he said, ‘well ,you know, everyone has a different tolerance level,’” the parent said. “I told him, ‘No, sir. You cannot possibly tell me that it’s appropriate for any audience for a young lady to portray wiping her vagina after having sex behind a prop on stage.’”

The University Interscholastic League told me they are “aware of some concerns” and are investigating the content of Carnegie’s play.

“UIL is making every effort to follow up with members of the public that have expressed concerns,” a spokesman wrote in a statement. “The administration of the producing school shall assure that the director complies with these requirements and that the play does not offend the moral standards of the community.”

Apparently the moral standards within the Houston Independent School District are not all that high.

“Such obscene and offensive language and content has no place in any high school in the state of Texas,” the concerned parent wrote in his complaint.

The district released a statement defending the theatrical production – noting they are “extremely proud” and they stand by the students “100 percent.”

“The script has been thoughtfully modified to be appropriate for a broad, young-adult audience,” the district’s statement read. “Carnegie students have treated the script’s mature subject matter with admirable sensitivity, skill and professionalism.”

I suppose it does take a bit of skill to pee in a bucket during a live stage performance.

Perhaps the Tony Awards should consider adding a new category: “Best On Stage Depiction of Bodily Functions.”

Carnegie parents are defending the profanity-laced production. One parent convinced the Houston Chronicle to publish a column titled, “How Edgy Should High-School Theater Be?”

“The last time I saw it, some of the audience was in tears. Others walked out. Still others sat silently in their seats, stunned by the journey they had been on,” wrote Alice Savage, the mother of one of the cast members.

“Isn’t theater supposed to challenge people?” she opined.

Well, sure. But can’t they challenge us without dropping their pants and urinating into a bucket?

Critics want the show disqualified – but I sincerely doubt the powers-that-be will oblige. And I have no doubt the school’s production could possibly win first prize.

“If they do, it will not be due to their ability to shock and offend, but to move audiences with a distinctly human story,” Ms. Savage wrote.

A distinctly human story, I might add, that would be best-suited for a seedy adult bookstore – rather than a high school theatrical competition.

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Oh Great . . .

Saw this news blurb:  

Two people have been killed and the suspect is dead after stabbing attacks at a mall and home in Massachusetts Tuesday evening.

Now the Liberals will start to confiscate knives.     When you go to buy a knife at the local Walmart or where ever you will need a license and a background check.  

GOP Candidate–Most Likely Trump

I supported Ted Cruz from day 1 but it wasn’t to be.  I have a lot of reservations about Trump but I will now support him – there is no way I will vote for  Bernie or Hillary.   Even if Trump isn’t as conservative as I would like him to be he will be a lot better than whichever Liberal he will be running against. 


Yes, even thought he wasn’t my top pick I will be voting for him in the election. 

From Facebook–Pastor Duke

Duke Hergatt

When God set up a Government provision was made for the poor. Corners of the fields were left unharvested. It was free for the taking but the poor needed to do their own harvest and food preservation. It was workfare and not welfare. Their was no government redistribution if wealth. There were no tax dollars paying salaries of bureaucrats. Their poverty was situational due to life’s unexpected difficulties. There was no generational poverty. Their poverty was temporary and not permanent. Alms were freely given to the few who were physically unable to harvest. It worked well for thousands of years. But I guess we’ve found a better way now huh! When government becomes your god..this is what you get.


Why is it that when going to the grocery store there is no signs for toilet paper?    It is called according to their signs “Bath Tissue”   .  .  .  when is the last time you tried to wash with a roll of toilet paper – or to dry off with a roll of it.

Why is it that the thugs who are rioting and creating havoc are looked upon by the main stream media as the “innocents” while the person who is just holding his event is said to have the “hate speech”.    Why is it so hard to blame the thugs not the innocent parties.  Of course the media for the most part are also thugs no longer content with just reporting the news.

Why is it that the American people have insisted on cars being safer yet they are pushing things like a “smart” car when could be totaled by a head on with a chip monk.. 

Why is it we need a license to fish but not to vote?   Yes Liberalism has lost it’s collective minds.

Why is prayer and Christian talk banned from schools but not books and talk on Atheism?

Why is it that radical Muslims find it easy to blow themselves, or their wives and children  up with suicide vests.   Looks to me like insanity is contagious.

Why is it that years ago we would set all of our clocks by either the atomic clock or the local radio station  but now we just accept the correct time to be whatever is displayed on our cable tv box?

Why is the entertainment industries total lack of morality accepted and even put on a pedestal  to be idolized by all?   I am losing all interest in movies and television as they are constantly trying to cram their brand of morality down my throat. 

Why is it instead of supporting our candidate we as a society (thanks to the main stream media) are intent of stopping other candidates?